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How My Super Curricular Works - Student  Guide


My Super Curricular is an online learning platform packed with relevant, curated super curricular activities and resources. Students access book recommendations, online courses, publications, links to useful websites, podcasts, videos, work experiences, competitions, university events and more, all in one place. 

Since super curricular activities are expected to be evidenced in students' personal statements by the majority of UK universities, we created a platform that removes the barriers when it comes to accessing to super curricular resources. Most of our resources are free, easy to access and are tailored to different learning styles, time commitments, subject interests and depth of engagements.

Here is a quick and handy guide to how My Super Curricular works and tips on how to make the most of the platform. 

The resources are broken down into 6 different categories:


1 Digital Resources and Social Media

This section provides numerous recommendations for excellent websites, including blogs, online publications, political and professional organisations, and individuals to follow on social media for high-quality super curricular content. Use this section to initiate your exploration of topics that interest you or to stay updated on recent advancements in your preferred subject.



In this section, you can find a vast selection of online courses offered by well-known universities and professional organizations. We ensure that the courses listed are both free and have academic value, while also being at an appropriate level for students in school. The best part is that we gather our recommendations from over 20 different websites that offer online courses, making it easy for you to find them all in one place.


3 Books

Reading books can seem like a big time commitment for many students, but we work hard to select the best, most interesting, and relevant books that will be enjoyable to read and will elevate your super curricular profile.


4 Podcasts and Videos

Here, you will find convenient bite-sized activities that can complement your research. If you have a few spare minutes while doing chores or walking to school, you can listen to a podcast. We also offer TED talks, films, lectures, and documentaries that can assist you in exploring your subject matter in the way that suits you best. 


5 Events

Here you can discover a variety of university taster lectures and exciting competitions. Most of these events are online, but it's still a good idea to register beforehand. When selecting events, it's better to choose them based on the topic rather than the institutions. That way you can experience university-style lectures and academic content. We encourage you to participate in competitions, regardless of whether you win or not. Remember, it's the participation that counts, so be brave and give it a try!


6. Work Experience & Volunteering

If you're eager to gain valuable practical skills and hands-on experience in a specific career field, this section is a treasure trove of ideas on how to accomplish just that. Discover recommendations for both physical and online work experience opportunities, alongside a wealth of exciting volunteering options.


You can filter each resource section by your favourite subject or search by keywords:



Remember to share resources with your friends and save them in your accounts to have a record of completed activities:

Your account holds saved resources and a space for notes on completed activities. These notes will be helpful reminders for interview preparation and serve as building blocks for your personal statement.


 Enjoy exploring the site!