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Super Curricular Suggestions for Nursing by Director of Clinical Services & CEO of Duchy Hospital Harrogate

We are fortunate to be able to speak to professionals working in academia or in the industry about their suggestions for worthwhile and useful super curricular activities.


Michelle Eardley is a Director of Clinical Services & Executive Director of Duchy Hospital Harrogate.

Michelle qualified as a nurse in 1999 and has worked in emergency medicine and surgery ever since. She spent the majority of her career at the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, with the last five years at the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust. She brings a wealth of experience to her suggestions from coal-face nursing to leadership and career opportunities. 


Here are her suggestions for 5 great super curricular resources for Nursing:



Foundations of Adult Nursing by Dianne Burns

Covering the issues, themes and principles that explain what it means to be a nurse today, this book provides the theory students need to know and applies it to the diverse patient groups and settings that students will encounter on their placements.

Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology Bundle by Ian Peate

A concise yet comprehensive introduction to the structure and function of the human body. 

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't by Simon Sinek 

This is a great leadership book and an easy read by one of the greats. 

The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, Student Edition, 10th Edition 

Considered the holy grail of nursing education and nursing skills.

You may have a particular interest in the nursing field such as emergency care, maternity and infant care or community and mental health.  Reading journal extracts for this field a be incredibly useful and insightful.  RCN is a fantastic resource for articles, journals, podcasts and webinars etc. although it is a union so you will also encounter content related to industrial action, pay and working conditions.

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