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Current Events & Super Curricular 🗞️

Do current affairs matter and how do I include them in my super curricular activities? 

It has become an accepted fact that in order to secure offers from selective universities, those who rank highly for a subject or as an institution as a whole, requires more than just outstanding academic achievement. The need to show intellectual curiosity, knowledge beyond the curriculum and preparedness for your prospective studies demands engagement with super curricular.  This is much more extensive than simply wider reading and can encompass a whole host of different activities. It is clear, however, that those very selective universities are now seeking applicants who can not only engage with super curricular activities but demonstrate its application and current affairs/recent events is an ideal way of doing this.
Which current affairs you wish to focus on depends very much on your interests and the courses you are applying for. It is clear that you can use a wide range of current events to demonstrate application of developed knowledge and understanding.  Scientific research and discoveries are closely connected to political, historical and economic developments. Events around the world can be connected to UK interests or a wider understanding of our place in the business, political or humanitarian activities taking place. It is important to engage critically with any current events, both to educate yourself and to think about the wider contextual implications for your academic research.
Sometimes current events can be relevant to particular subjects, for example, public law cases or scientific discoveries, however often major current events will have implications for all areas of academia.
For example, linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, you could look at abolitionism in History or ethics and race in Medicine.  
Starting with abolitionism you could look at these resources:
Then looking at ethics and race in Medicine you could consider
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